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What to bring for MVP Summit (or any other IT conference)

Inspired by a few newer fellow MVPs, I want to give some insights what I will bring (and recommend you to take) for this years on-site MVP Summit in Redmond, WA.

So, whats in my bag? Let’s put it into groups…

– Passport
– International drivers license
– Healthcare documents
– Some credit cards (VISA + Mastercard)
– Some cash (depending on the duration, but usually 100-200 USD should be more than ennough when mostly paying with card)
– Travel documents (you should at least have your first adress to stay within the U.S. at hand during border control / immigration process)
– Water bottle to fill (there is water fountains everywhere…)

– Notebook (I take my DELL XPS 13, used to bring Surface devices the other years)
– iPad Pro + Pen
– Wireless mouse
– USB-SSD (to transfer or export larger files)
– USB-C-Dock/Hub
– Bose noise canceling headphones (Great during the long flights)
– Some smaller Bluetooth headphones (like Earpods)
– Powerbank (A very large one, indeed…)
– Bag of cables including chargers
– U.S. Power outlet adapters
– Kindle ebook reader
– U.S. SIM Card + some SD Cards (I usually get the SIM card already at home to be online from the first moment on)

– Hand sanitizers (Yes, COVID isn’t over and you will touch a lot of things / doors)
– Face masks (see above…)
– Small first aid kit with some basic medication

– Sunglasses
– Coffee mug to get some black gold
– Snacks
– Inflatable pillow + eye covering mask
– Stickers to share
– A multitool (to fix or cut things)

Just bring comfortable cloth that you like to wear all day, especially some shoes to walk a lot. Be prepared to have temperatures being changing, especially in warm summers, where A/C has still very cold rooms inside.

Hopefully, this gives you a first idea what to take for yourself. Enjoy traveling!

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