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Monat: April 2023

Experts Live Germany 2023 – Ich bin wieder dabei

Auch in 2023 wird es eine Experts Live Germany Konferenz geben. Wieder in Erfurt, aber dieses Mal im „Zughafen“. Und auch dieses Jahr habe ich das Vergnügen und die Ehre, mit einer Session dabei zu sein. Nachdem ich letztes Jahr über Azure Migrate gesprochen habe, werde ich dieses Jahr über Azure Monitor sprechen – seid dabei!

Wer noch kein Ticket hat, kann dieses mittels des Werbecodes „COMMUNITY23“ mit 15% Rabatt kaufen! Also – seid dabei und trefft mich in Erfurt. Ich freue mich darauf!

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What to bring for MVP Summit (or any other IT conference)

Inspired by a few newer fellow MVPs, I want to give some insights what I will bring (and recommend you to take) for this years on-site MVP Summit in Redmond, WA.

So, whats in my bag? Let’s put it into groups…

– Passport
– International drivers license
– Healthcare documents
– Some credit cards (VISA + Mastercard)
– Some cash (depending on the duration, but usually 100-200 USD should be more than ennough when mostly paying with card)
– Travel documents (you should at least have your first adress to stay within the U.S. at hand during border control / immigration process)
– Water bottle to fill (there is water fountains everywhere…)

– Notebook (I take my DELL XPS 13, used to bring Surface devices the other years)
– iPad Pro + Pen
– Wireless mouse
– USB-SSD (to transfer or export larger files)
– USB-C-Dock/Hub
– Bose noise canceling headphones (Great during the long flights)
– Some smaller Bluetooth headphones (like Earpods)
– Powerbank (A very large one, indeed…)
– Bag of cables including chargers
– U.S. Power outlet adapters
– Kindle ebook reader
– U.S. SIM Card + some SD Cards (I usually get the SIM card already at home to be online from the first moment on)

– Hand sanitizers (Yes, COVID isn’t over and you will touch a lot of things / doors)
– Face masks (see above…)
– Small first aid kit with some basic medication

– Sunglasses
– Coffee mug to get some black gold
– Snacks
– Inflatable pillow + eye covering mask
– Stickers to share
– A multitool (to fix or cut things)

Just bring comfortable cloth that you like to wear all day, especially some shoes to walk a lot. Be prepared to have temperatures being changing, especially in warm summers, where A/C has still very cold rooms inside.

Hopefully, this gives you a first idea what to take for yourself. Enjoy traveling!

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